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PR Prodigy Players Pianos

Entertainment At Your Fingertips:

Crafted by musicians for musicians, the incorporation of the Pearl River Prodigy player system into your Pearl River grand piano offers the immersive sensation of playing a traditional piano enhanced by contemporary technology. This cutting-edge system comes pre-installed and is accessible on the GP150 PD and GP160 PD grand piano variants.


Created through a collaboration between Pearl River Piano Group and PianoDisc, the advanced Bluetooth wireless automatic performance system significantly elevates both home entertainment and professional performances.





Pearl River Prodigy was awarded “Recommended Product” at the 2019 Music China Shanghai Show.


The advanced solenoid system provides an impressive 1,024 levels of expression, delivering playback with unparalleled nuance. Furthermore, the player system functions as both an audio player and accompaniment device, has the capability to record performances, and, in Silent Mode, enables players to practice without causing disturbance to neighbors.




Inquire with your Pearl River retailer about the various configurations offered to cater to your entertainment preferences. The Pro-record and silent mode are optional upgrades accessible for your Pearl River Prodigy player system. The warranty covers 90 days of labor and 5 years for parts.


The Pearl River Prodigy system includes a repertoire of 600 songs spanning diverse genres such as Classical, Jazz, Popular, Showtunes, and Ethnic music. Additionally, you have the option to explore a vast online collection of thousands of songs through the PianoDisc library.




The package includes a PianoDisc speaker that enhances your listening experience by providing orchestral and vocal capabilities during piano concerts featuring a full orchestra, as well as jazz ensembles with both vocal and instrumental elements. In addition to Bluetooth, there are multiple connectivity options such as Analog, TOSLINK, MIDI 5-pin DIN, USB, and Bluetooth MIDI inputs and outputs, offering a more extensive range of connections for your Pearl River piano than ever before.