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Piano Lesson


Course Introduction 


Piano class is an exciting and informative introduction to piano and music skills for beginning to intermediate level music students in grades Kindergarten through Adult. The goal of the course is not only to develop a solid musical foundation in piano which will greatly assist in the future pursuit of any musical instrument in any style, but most importantly to instill in the student a genuine love and appreciation for music.

Students are taught a stimulating, thorough, and graduated course of recital solos, theory, technical studies, and classic piano repertoire. Class size varies from 2-3, with group activities as well as one-on-one instruction. A group atmosphere is often more beneficial and enjoyable for beginning to intermediate level students because they are motivated by their peers, but are also allowed to progress at their own rate.




SMARTLAB ( Beginner Classical Piano is an in-depth one to five years piano course for people who are serious about learning classical piano and getting individual study help from an accomplished recital pianist and highly experienced piano teacher.

This is a rare opportunity to learn the piano even more professionally and thoroughly than in a music school. Learn Piano in Klang

Why You Should play piano

  • It gives pleasure and fulfillment. 
  • It provides a deep sense of satisfaction.
  • It can be played solo without any accompaniment.
  • Focussing Your Mind
  • Improves Your Confidence.
  • It Gives You A Chance To Perform.
  • It Makes You Happier.
  • It helps in linguistic skills and also understanding. 

Is this piano course for you ?

This course is for beginners or those with limited classical piano experience. To take the pressure off and organised your learning, there will be 4 piano lessons revealed every month.