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Alfred Keyboard Class


Music for Alfred Keyboard class was 


written to provide appropriate piano instruction forThree,  four-, five-, and six-year old students while simultaneously developing listening skills. The series was designed to provide a balance between the discipline necessary for playing the instrument and the enjoyment one gets from the process of music-making while catering to their energy level.


How many levels are contained in Music for Alfred Keyboard Class? What materials are included in each level?


The time required for completion of each of the four levels will vary from class to class. On average, each level can be completed in 18-22 weeks. Three books at each level guide children through a comprehensive approach to musical learning. The Music Lesson Books introduce musical concepts and contain keyboard performance music. The Music Workbooks include coloring and ear training activities to reinforce musical concepts. The Music Discovery Books feature singing, listening, music appreciation, movement and rhythm activities. Other materials at each level include compact disc recordings, interactive Music Tutoring disks, magnetic note/dry erase board.


What will my child learn in the course?


Music for Alfred Keyboard class combines general musicianship activities with those that develop performance skills at the piano. Skills taught in the course focus on keyboard performance, listening, pitch matching, keyboard technique, singing, rhythm, movement and music appreciation. Children will play pieces at the piano throughout each level.