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Acoustic Guitar


We have a group of certified experienced guitar teachers, providing you guitar lessons from all level. offers guitar lesson for beginner to advance player. Not only that, we also teach toddlers, kids, adults on learning guitar effectively.


It is best to start learning musical instrument at young age. Their learning speed is fast. This also helps to grow your child right brain and hone their creativity. Having that said, many adults also learn guitar for leisure. Under the right guidance and practises, anyone is able to read musical notes, learn basic music theory, pluck some melodies or pop songs, and even perform to your families and friends.


For specialized guitar courses, we offer Classical guitar lesson,  and acoustic guitar lesson if you want to be improved under professional guidance.


We are committed to bring you the best guitar learning experience and quality guitar lessons by all our music lovers. If you love music and willing to spend time to advance in your guitar skill, get a guitar teacher and learn now.


Perfect Practise Makes Perfect. Don’t waste your time on the wrong practise. Get proper music education with a professional guitarist.


Why should you learn guitar lessons with



Highly affordable guitar lessons to you.

Our guitar lessons start from a rate as low as RM40 per session. You can get a even better deal for group lessons. However, it also depends on the teacher’s experience and the level of course you are taking.
Learn from the experienced guitarists or guitar teachers.


We are dare to reject any guitar teacher without experience or certification. In fact, all our teachers are professional and some of them even certified by Associated Board of Royal School of Music (ABRSM) and Trinity Guildhall.

This is to ensure that the guitar lessons you attend are high quality and beyond your satisfactory. We will make sure you are happy with your teacher, or we will change for you until you are satisfied. Of course, no extra fee.

We offer almost all specific guitar techniques.


We believe all guitar lessons should be personalized according to individuals. When you learn with our guitar trainers, we will ensure your training to be comprehensive and customized to your preference and needs.

We advise all beginners to start with a mix of acoustic guitar lessons and classical guitar lessons (click to learn the difference between them). And your lesson will also be customized to suit your learning pace.