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Erhu Lesson


Chinese Erhu

The Chinese Erhu is one of the oldest solo instruments in the Chinese orchestra. It is capable of producing very soulful tunes as well as happy tunes. People often compare the tone of the erhu to the voice of someone singing.

View an Erhu introductory video below:


5 reason to take erhu lesson

  •         Tone is like the voice of a human
  •         Light and easy to carry around
  •         Can mimic birds chirping, horse neighing, frogs croaking etc
  •         Anything the violin can play on its 4 strings, you can do it on 2.
  •         With some guitar effects you can join a rock band


Erhu Lessons Progression Chart

Below is a learning progression chart for our Erhu lessons based on the NUS Centre for the arts - Chinese instrumental examination.

Those who opt to have a more leisurely and less exam oriented Erhu lessons can let us know and our instructors will plan something that is both fun and rewarding for you.


Beginner Erhu Lessons


This stage is for Grade 1-3 (Based on NUS Centre for the arts - Chinese instrumental examination).

During this stage, you should be able to achieve:
* Proper performing postures and techniques of using both hands
* Able to perform D major, G major and F major on the first positioning, keeping proper pitch and intonation
* Able to make use of smooth movements and co-ordinations of the arm, forearm and wrist to achieve the right hand bow techniques, and fully utilize the entire bow length
* Proper left hand posture with better finger strength control
* Able to apply vibrato(rouxian) and simple changing of the strength in expression
* Master the correct performing techniques on the 3 finger positions and to be smooth when changing positions